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. temperatures are warming up, but i tell you i get that from more viewers than anything else, i don't like the wind, today is your day, here is sal. we are looking at the golden gate bridge heading to the toll plaza and also -- plaza and 880 north, this looks good, there is word of a stalled rig and we will have that in just a few minutes, let's go back to the desk. we begin overnight where a woman was wounded while she was sleeping. it is on small avenue right near the bart station, tara?
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>> reporter: we have learned that woman is now in surgery and she was sleeping in her home here while somebody drove up, shot through the window striking her in the head. paramedics described her as being in her mid-20s. she was still conscious and suffered a bullet wound to her head and neck. they scoured the area for evidence. a late 1970s car was seen speeding from the area and this all happened and she told police she didn't know who would want to kill her but we don't know if this was a random shooting or if she was targeted and we will speak to the family and see if they have any clues. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. also, san pablo police are
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investigating a shooting on san pablo avenue which was reported and we are seeing examining a white van, bullet casings, police are expected to release more information later today. police are out searching for two juveniles who broke out at 10:00 p.m. from the facility on woodside avenue in the twin peeks neighborhood. we have very few details, like how old they are and why they were in juvenile hall. we continue our coverage of the terror in boston and we have new information found at the scene of the boston marathon bombings. claudine wong has more on the newly released crime scene photos and a plea from law enforcement. >> reporter: we are known to
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take pictures not just before but during and after and police say somebody knows who is responsible for this attack and we should tell you within the last half hour we got new information from cnn who said a lid from a pressure cooker was found on the roof near the scene. also these photos were shown overnight, you can see twisted metal which was believed to come from a pressure cooker remember they were packed with explosives and there were other pictures which showed not only that twisted metal but also a series of wires and you can see -- wires and you can see how small that circuit board is and beyond that, there are batteries and those are the types of things they are looking at right now and all of that evidence has been sent to an fbi lab. >> it was determined that both
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explosives were raised in a dark colored nylon back pass epack -- backpack or bag. >> and we have more information on the chinese graduate student who was killed in the blast. china has identified her. this is a picture from the post that we just got this morning. an editor said her father confirmed her death when reporters visited the family home and there is a chinese language where condolences are being left on their microblocking event -- microblogging event and when last checked, more than 14,000 comments had been left there for her. she was among the three people killed but also an 8- year-old boy died, martin richard died while watching the ce with his parents father
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and sister. and crystal campbell had been going to the boston marathon and watching it since she was a little girl. many are going to pay tribute to the bombing victims. [ music ] >> this was a very emotional scene on the boston common. people from all over sang songs and lit cancels and called for peace. it is part of the heightened security in the wake of the bombings. a marathon runner in los gatos said she was among the lucky ones who competed. she finished the big race in less than three hours and she was relieved for both herself and her family who all came to watch her run in the marathon. she said quote, all i can say
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is, thank god i was fast enough to finish in that time so they were out of harm's way. time for this week's digital addition is the first issue of its kind. it had interactive investigations and they would be released observe during the 2012 election season. now the creator of the hit family guy is now at the center of a boston bombing controversy. find out what he is now saying on twitter. there may soon be more taxis on san francisco streets and they have authorized 120 new taxi permits this year and 220 next year. there are 1,700 right now but there is a long waiting list
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for those medallions and by the way they cost a quarter of a million dollars each. >> traffic continues to look good on 880 westbound as you drive out to the mcarthur maze. now we are off to a nice start as you drive through and in fact as you are driving the bay bridge approach, it has not been all that bad and traffic is moving a long well into san francisco. this morning's commute is looking good on northbound 280 and traffic continues to look good all the way into the valley, 5:07 let's go to steve. breezy to windy out there, very mild on most of the lows, this is a wind gusts forecast and i think it is more of a broad brush, not specific to one area but it will be 20 to 25 today, and for all now san jose is saying calm conditions
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and so is moffett and we will keep it around 20 to 25 and a mild morning and when you get a north, northeast wind we will hold out for a while. there is no sign of rain and once we get a reversal on the wind it will be dealing with fog but until then it is mild for many, san francisco half- moon bay 49, 48 novato, 54 livermore, oakland 56 and here is the reason why, it is the direction of the wind, north wind north wind north wind, i think you get the idea. i expect it to turn more northerly, 22 up in tahoe, redding eureka and ukiah, we get the breeze and 50s and it
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will be sunny today and windy, sunny for some, coast bay and inland, that means they definitely warm up and i think you will keep it here from the rockies and high pressure and sunshine plenty as we say. we have breaking news coming in from san mateo, in the 2,200 block of bermuda drive, we are not sure what started this fire and we will bring you what is going on in the next half hour. we also have a new report about facebook and immigration. what they are doing when it comes to congress. and they are about to take a debate in the battle over gun
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control. they are going northbound on varges road watch for the right lane. stay tuned for more weather and traffic. enough about the book, i want to hear about your date.
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[ music ] that is not just any song. last night the yankees honored
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the boston marathon victims by playing sweet carolyn. that is normally a tradition of the red sox and they play that at every home game in boston. josh redick wore arm bands that red, boston strong. he is defending himself in a controversial comment and the creator of a show strongly doctored something making rounds on the internet. it shows a family guy using a cell phone to trigger explosions at the boston marathon. that fake clip is based on an episode which aired last month. mcfarland expressed his outrage over that doctored clip and the event was a crime and tragedy and my thoughts are with the
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victims. >> thethe -- they are now removing trash cans outside of the white house and other government buildings. police will be taking other new security measures in the days ahead. u.s. senate is slated to vote on gun legislation. as kyla campbell reports from the newsroom, it is a bipartisan effort to expand background checks. don't let the word bipartisan fool you, senators on the other side of the aisle will expand to all online gun sales and gun shows but it would exclude among family members and some think it goes too far. some fear losing the next election and that's why former
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congresswoman gabrielle giffords spent the day on the hill rallying support and she is still recovering from a gunshot wound to the head from two years ago. laws are weakening and i will break down the numbers when i see you next, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 5:14 the judiciary committee is scheduled to vote on an immigration reform bill later this week. senator chuck schumer met with brock block over that bill issued by the state of eight. legislation will dramatically remake the immigration system two new workers one for one type of worker and another type for another type of worker.
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facebook has worked hard to get a new provision in the immigration reform bill which will be helpful for technology companies. it allow are for facebook and other technology media companies to recruit americans for job before hiring foreign workers. they have long complained about a shortage of high skilled workers here in the u.s. a man is accused of a shooting on the las vegas strip is due in court today. 27-year-old harris was extradited and had been held there since february 2elth. -- 28th. he is being charged with multiple counts including murder. an suv slammed into a dental office which happened in
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sit is stress -- citrus heights. an elderly woman mistakenly stepped on a gas pedal sending her car into a building and the driver was not injured. special events will be held today remembering the worst disaster in history. the annual parade and dinner will commemorate the san francisco earthquake. both take place this afternoon. now only one survivor will be here and that's winnie hook, only seven years old, she was only 2 when the quake destroyed her home in san jose. there is some trouble in downtown oakland, what is going on, sal? >> that's right, it could be metal debris but we have not confirmed it. some sort of debris on 880 and oak and what happened was it was sparking something that was
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catching people's attention and now there has been people that were pulled over including a transit bus and the alternate route is 580 westbound and avoid this whole thing, traffic is backing up for at least a mile. if it stays this way pretty soon we will be showing you a backup which stretches that long. if it is out there for a while we'll see a big backup, 880 north street given by chp. let's look at the bay bridge, that is good getting into san francisco, no major problems getting into the city and this morning's commute is okay on the city so far as you drive south on 101. let's go to steve. it is a pretty good snow shower activity, things are definitely winding down, although there are partly
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cloudy skies mild temperatures and lost 50s, yet i have found a couple of them up in mendocino county and if you have northeast wind, there -- if you have a northeast winner, there will be another huge weather maker and things will be quiet here in the west coast and active and as we get that northeast wind, you can see the temperatures. temperatures are 49, fairfield 54, 57 san francisco, read wood city, there are still mild temperatures and santa rosa 12 at north and things will turn more northerly which is why they are on the cool side.
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30s redding ukiah, reno and 41 monterey. no breeze, 50s and it will be sunny and everybody will be in on that, that is for sure. did i say breezy? it will be windy and breezy in spots. temperatures are warming up and this is a tricky, tricky pattern which is why they are warmer than semolina clear lake and they have been running colder to make up more ground. danville 76, pleasanton 77 and there will be a few locations that will be above other locations where it is even warmer this time of year, 60s and 70s on half-moon bay and 72 bruno redwood city and it takes us and makes us warmer to the weekend. the big hit, plane down 1% on worries of the euro zone sluggish growth.
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overnight in the far east, japan's nikkei finished with a gain of nearly a half of a percent each. right now futures indicate a drop as well across the board. the dow jones industrial average, s&p 500 could have a good drop and there is mixed new for bank of america and we will talk about that later this morning. keep an eye on two area stocks after the market opens. we have first quarter profits that meet wall street's expectations but yahoo fell short of analysts forecast, display at revenue which shows 40% of their earnings dropped 4%. time now 4:21 what two --
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5:21 what two area congressmen are doing. and they could make history tonight. and good morning, big trouble on 880, we have one lane blocked and could cause problems driving through and we will give you an alternate route straight ahead. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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. two bay area lawmakers are bringing attention to a backlog and the va acknowledges the problems saying there are more than 800,000 pending claims across the country. it says the average wait time is 27 three days but at some offices such as the oakland regional office the wait can be twice as long in the meantime they suffer psychologically and physically. and they will hold a meeting to address the backlog. it is scheduled at the war memorial building in vanness in san francisco. reportedly joe montana's son will work out with the 49ers later today and the team is holding local pro day at
5:26 am
team headquarters in santa clara. nate montana will be there and he will play for pasadena city collage, montana and west virginia. that work out by the way starts at 10:00 a.m. >> 33... leaning closer to the rutgers... >> golden state warriors has one more game to break that 3 point record and he needs two more threes to set up a new single season record. allen has 69 pointers and in the 2005 season, curry has 28. we will be watching. and sal is watching 880 and everything else. >> that's right, 880 northbound we have some sort of a problem and it's unclear what it is
5:27 am
which caused flat tires and a couple of vehicles and a couple of chp officers said traffic is backed up for at least a mile and we will get to the bottom of what is happening at 580 soon. and 680 traffic does look good at the bottom of the hill. here is steve. we have clear skies, breezy, blustery conditions some areas to the north and it will be sunny and breezy for many pushing for the mid-to- upper 70s. time is now 5:27 this has been a historical morning. margaret thatcher brings thousands to st. patrick's' cathedral and even more to the streets. we are live where the
5:28 am
construction of a new terminal will show what the city has to gain. a bay area boy was injured from the boston bombings and we will tell you more about the fund razor held in his honor. -- fundraiser held in his honor. i knew there were a lot of tech jobs available out there. i knew devry university would give me the skills that i needed to make one of those tech jobs mine. we teach cutting-edge engineering technology, computer information systems,
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networking and communications management -- the things that our students need to know in the world today. our country needs more college grads to help fill all the open technology jobs. to help meet that need, here at devry university, we're offering 4 million dollars in tech scholarships for qualified new students. learn more at
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. good morning. middle of the week, pam, i am dave clark, it is 5:30.
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steve, remember i kept saying, it would be really nice if it was not so windy. >> it has been a little windy, no doubt, pam and dave and with that we get some wide ranging lows from 40s and 50s, 60s and kind of a blustery day. here is sal. chp thinks it was offender bener behind it. northbound 880, a transit bus had at least one lane and they are waiting for a special vehicle to come and get this bus out of the way and meanwhile the traffic is backing up big time, this is a look at 280 traffic, let's go back to the desk. overnight, a woman in
5:32 am
hayward was hit by a bullet shot while sleeping at home. she was rushed to the hospital where she underwent emergency surgery. tara moriarty is at the victim's home right now and tara, remnants of it, you can still see it. >> somebody fired two shots inside and both of those bullets struck her, one in the head and one in the next. paramedics took her to the hospital and she was alert when they took her so that is good news. they roped off the area and scoured the area for evidence. a car was seen speeding from the area and it all happened at 12:30 this morning. the woman was in her mid-20s toll told police she does not want to kill her.
5:33 am
we do know there were three other people in the house at the time of the shooting and nobody else was hurt. we'll see if we can try and talk to them this morning and see if they have any idea who would want to kill this woman. nice news ktvu channel 2 morning news. they held a fundraiser for a local boy who was injured, a local band provided the entertainment at the rocks restaurant and workers donated their time and tips. it was to raise money for aaron earn, he was there when the bomb went off causing serious injuries to his leg. he is scheduled to undergo
5:34 am
another surgery and he is expected to make a full recovery. his family is hoping he will be home in time for his 11th birthday. a live report, thousands are paying their respects. her funeral was held in london and among those in a ten fans, -- attendants, attendance, queen elizabeth and wilson churchill. new zealand is now the 13th country to approve gay marriage. they are now 37 of 44 in favor of that bill and they started
5:35 am
singing that country's national anthem after the vote. in the meantime a federal appeal's court in san francisco will hear arguments this morning from two lawsuits banning sexual orientation conversion therapy. it is to make gay teens straight, the first of its law panning the practice was scheduled to take affect january 1st and they say the ban violates civil rights but supporters say it is a dangerous therapy. they are investigating the death of a person which happened last night at the san pedro exit. the driver of the first car immediately pulled over and the second driver in a gray or silver vehicle left the scene.
5:36 am
highway 101 was partially closed for three hours during that investigation. the city of san jose could land it hundreds of thousands of dollars. janine janine de la vega is there to explain how google is involved, janine? >> reporter: we are close to where the other private jet companies are and the city sees it is a great economic boost. they approved a 50 year lease agreement to build an $82 million facility next to the san jose airport. besides that, they will include ramp space and 7 hangers for corporate jets for google executives. the airport will get $3 million a year from the deal and it will receive up to $3 million
5:37 am
in annual tax revenue. neighbors in the area are concerned about aircraft traffic and the noise levels but they have insisted other jet companies will continue to adhere to the curfew in place that restricts between flying 11:30 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. and they are looking into this for people who live nearby who expressed concern about the deal. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. pg&e says more power equipment may have to be taken off line today to fix the damage caused by an act of sabotage yesterday. the santa clara county sheriff's office felt somebody fire gunshots and it is near san jose.
5:38 am
it caused a chemical -- caused a chemical spill and authorities think the same vandal cut a fiber optic line which disrupted communications south of san jose. >> that is why the 911 systems went out the phone systems went out and data systems went out and after that shots were fired. >> at&t is august of a $250,000 reward to help catching the vandals or whoever is responsible but some people are trying to make phone calls and the damage is this morning. we have a stalled bus which may have been offender bener behind it -- bender behind it, unfortunately, the stalled bus is still there in oakland right
5:39 am
before oak street. here is a picture of 880 northbound and it's very slow backing up almost to fruit veil now. they have called for a tow truck to handle a bus and they want it to get there as quickly as possible. so far we don't see a lot but pretty soon it will stretch back to here so we will keep watching this as well. westbound 580 traffic still looks good to caster valley and not looking bad getting to the peninsular it does look good. if you want to avoid 880, your alternate root looks good, so if you can get to this point, it is a much better point than
5:40 am
880. we have snow shower activity and things are winding down, it is 19 degrees in chuckky, it is a mild morning locally for most a north wind in place and that means temperatures have held up and there are some 30s and the trend is for warmer weather and everything as far as act text, it would not take much to get the fog going so when we have a north wind, it's not happening. 40s for some, 30s for others, yesterday at this time, calls towing was 42 and we have a huge difference and generally around the bay, low mid-oakland 56, oakland 57, half-moon bay,
5:41 am
49 under calmer conditions there, 54, so it is really mild, yesterday at this time napa, 51, redding 39, no breeze there, that is why they are so cold but high pressure will win out and it is kind of a blues triwindy day, a lot of 70s to the north, today will be the exception out towards antioch oakwood or brentwood. sunshine and warmer weather will take us right to the weekend. 5:41 is the time now, 5 arrests have been made for the shooting death of clint bauer. it is creating concern for the police department.
5:42 am
theythey are threatening a hollywood studio. we will tell you the details of the threat and what they are saying.
5:43 am
5:44 am
. we have an update on breaking news, the fire started at 4:00 a.m. this morning. the owner of a house got up to go to work when he heard his car alarm and when he went out he found out the car was on fire. he immediately got his wife and seven children out of the house and while the house did suffer
5:45 am
burn damage as you can see, luckily no injuries were reported and these are live pictures and we will bring you more details a little later on. >> we now continue coverage of the boston bombing. reporter emily schmidt is live and end fully our last hour, investigators found a lid from what they say is a pressure cooker style bomb and what are they saying about how this could help in the investigation? >> pam, good morning, you and i have been talking for the past few days how every little piece could be critical and fran is reporting the discovery of a pressure cooker lid could be extremely critical because right now the working theory is one of the bombs was made of a pressure cooker and this was found on the rooftop at the
5:46 am
scene and they are going it try to reconstruct the bomb to find out who made it and what went into it and as you know, this mystery is a very wide open mystery. >> reporter: this person is one of the people who lost their lives after coming to see the boston marathon. last night hundreds gathered to honor the youngest victim of the tacks, martin richard. >> he was never sad and he was always happy and all around just a wonderful kid. >> reporter: 29-year-old crystal campbell and a chinese graduate student also killed. >> at this time there are no claims and the range of
5:47 am
suspects remains wide open. >> reporter: they are beginning to analyze debris from the bomb. >> among the items recovered are pieces of black nylon which could be a backpack and it appears to be beebees and nails partially contained in a pressure cooker device. >> reporter: they are refusing to allow this attack to define the city. >> it is about fear and making you change the way you live and we will not do that, i refuse to do it. >> reporter: they will not live in fear, but security is high in boston and it will be even higher as president barack obama comes to participate in an interfaith prayer service. >> emily schmidt, thanks so much for that update and we will continue to update you information from boston and also the running festival are
5:48 am
putting together a vigil for the people killed. one mile each for each person killed at the boston bombing. it will end at snow park with a candle light vigil and those who plan to participate are asked to wear blue and yellow, the colors of the boston marathon. stay with us for complete team coverage of the boston bombings. claudine wong will have updates in just a few minutes from our newsroom and don't forget you can go to our website any time of day for up sedates. somebody mailed a poise knows letter to mississippi roger wicker. the poison laced letter was found in maryland where mail for members of the congress is screened. a senator said this is a person who often writes letters to
5:49 am
lawmakers and authorities have not commented on this yet. they forced the evacuation of 100 employees at the studios in hollywood and authorities say it turned out to be a hoax, they say they were going to detonate three devices and they searched the area and nothing was found. five teens could face criminal charges in oakland for the shooting death of quinn bauer. he was shot in his car in oakland hills. jordan announced five teenage boys, two 14-year-olds two 15- year-olds and one 16-year-old had been arrested. charges are expected to be filed later today. legal experts say it could take a month to decide if 14 boys accused of sexually assaulted audrie pott should be tried as adult.
5:50 am
her parents went to a court hearing for the three teen suspects am a judge could decide whether to release the boys to their parents. she committed suicide eight days after being sexually assaulted and she killed herself after photos were distributed at the high school and then put on the internet. the parents of audrie pott are claiming negligence. this is 880, there is a stalled vehicle blocking and this is just terrible, people have heard about it and they are having a little improvement and making some progress because there has been a tow truck out there and they are just about to reopen these lanes, northbound 880 and in fact, it looks like the lanes
5:51 am
just reopened and as we are reading the cat on the air, traffic is already beginning to get better and they have moved that bus which is great news. let's look at westbound bay bridge and traffic is moving along well at the toll plaza and it has not been really heavy just yet. 101280 up and down the peninsular, let's go to steve. there is a northwest wind, or northeasterly turning 31 miles per hour and out of the northeast, it is definitely in place and some of the lows are mild san francisco being one right now and we will go 56 and they are 56 right now and go for a high of 70 and they are 70 degrees above average as well, 40s and a lot of 50s and it's actually cooler than some.
5:52 am
54 fairfield, north wind there, oakland and san francisco, so a mild morning, northeasterly breeze and there is some cool readings to the north but most locations are in the 40s and 50s and a wanter pattern is here for a while. one low kicks out and. >> series of lows will stay to the east. so 60s and 70s on the temperatures and the extended outlook, sunny, hello sunny and warmer >> i'll say hello to sunny. >> me,too. on a a dangerous flier and ammunition, what happened at a home in san jose and what firefighters were dealing with to protect that community. >> in just a few hours, the reopening of san francisco's waterfront and a popular attraction and its new home. stay tuned.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
. it is going to be a breezy and warmer day, higher temperatures for many. look at this, the ground crews were scrambling, head to clear eight inches of snow before the team went out and even the am owner was pitching in to help out.
5:56 am
at least four resorts planned to reopen this weekend after already closing down for the season. back here at home two homes badly damage after a garage fire but there was ammunition. firefighters responded to the scene at 7:30 last night. they were told 2000 rounds of am knicks were in that garage and the fire caused that ammunition to blow up. firefighters were able to put the fire out within an hour and there is no word on how the fire started and luckily will is no word on anybody being hurt. the sacramento kings are up in air and they have -- up in the air and they have delayed a vote whether they stay in sacramento or move to seattle. they have not revealed the reason for the delay but it may be due an unprecedented
5:57 am
situation. they may be had to decide for two cities competing for the same team. and they have reopened in just a few hours. they are now at peers 15 and 17 and they have more space and the museum opens its doors at 10:00. opening day is ready and they will wrap it up at 10:00 tonight. >> sal, you have the chopper already? remember that stalled bus was cleared just moments ago and traffic is still a little bit slow as you drive and you lanes are open and it will take just a little while for it to open up and this traffic is backing up a little bit after you pass 23rd. also the morning commute looks good and northbound 680 is on the sunole grade, let's go back to the desk. coming up next in our 6:00 hour, we will continue to
5:58 am
follow the boston bombings and the investigation, there is new information coming up in the investigation and how it could help.
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